H1-240 to 243, & H1-252 to 255,EPIP, RIICO Industrial Area, Sitapura,Jaipur-302022, Rajasthan - India

PBX Solution

  • Customizable PBX that adapts to the way your business operates
  • With VoIP connection, offices in different locations work under one PBX
  • VoIP as Trunk with DID capability
  • Mobile extensions
  • Built-in ACD function
  • Voice mail as e-mail

OFFICE COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS TelePCX Our TelePCX, with its powerful PBX functions and excellent application development capabilities, brings you a system that can adapt to the way your buisness operates. Being a cost effective, reliable and easily scalable system, TelePCX provides the best initial response to customers, improves employee productivity, and can accommodate your business growth, regardless of geography, number of employees or business operation. TelePCX is your ideal Integrated Communication Server solution in this IP era!

One Box Platform :

  • A unique state-of-art communication server that possesses a unique and comprehensive all-in-one-box architecture.
  • Built-in high level Application Program Interface, TeleAPG and TeleCCO.
  • Powerful PBX and Auto Attendant/Voice Mail features.

Flexible to Your Communication Requirements :

  • Intelligent Automatic Call Distribution
  • Predictive Dialing with Campaign Management
  • Built-In Digital Call Recording System
  • Comprehensive Reporting System
  • Web-Based Communication
  • Automatic E-Mail Response

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership:

  • Flexible call handling, call routing, and call management.
  • Self manageable and easy set up
  • Affordable Computer Telephony(CT) applications
  • Full spectrum of hardware extends functionality

VoIP Integration :

  • Employees work under one dial plan
  • Boundary free communication between headquarters and all remote offices
  • Work anywhere for Work-at-Home employees

Advanced to extend your communication capabilities :

  • Virtual extension
  • Work anywhere with IP-phone/Softphone
  • Basic and Advanced ACD(Automatic Call Distribution)
  • Call center solution
  • Personal call recording



TX-0408 4 trunk lines, 8 extension lines, 12 voice ports TV-2604 4 VoIP/FoIP ports
TX-0408i 4 trunk lines, 8 extension lines, 6 voice ports, 2 VoIP ports TV-2608 8 VoIP/FoIP ports
TX-0804 8 trunk lines, 4 extension lines, 12 voice ports TV-2612 12 VoIP/FoIP ports
TX-1200 12 trunk lines, 12 voice ports TV-2632 32 VoIP/FoIP ports
TX-0400s 4 voice ports + 4 trunk lines TV-2635 32 VoIP/FoIP ports and 30 voice ports
TX-0400e 4 voice ports + 4 trunk lines, no switch    
TX-0012 12 extension lines, 12 voice ports T1/E1/PRI/BRI BOARDS
LX-0008 8-port Long Haul Extension interface, 8 voice ports TV-2882/TV-2842 ISDN-BRI boards, 4/2 ISDN BRI ports, 8/4 voice ports
TV-2730 30 voice ports TD-52SC/TD-52DC/TD-52QC T1/E1/PRI boards,1/2/4 T1/E1/PRI ports
TV-2760 60 voice ports TD-52SE/TD-52DE/TD-52QE T1/E1boards,1/2/4 T1/E1ports
TV-27120 120 voice ports    
TX-0204i 2 trunk lines, 4 extension lines, 6 voice ports, 2 VoIP ports    
ES-0023 23 Ports Extension Switch MA-0204/MA-0408 2FXO / 4 FXS / 4 VoIP Gateway/4FXO / 8 FXS / 8 VoIP Gateway
ES-0030 30 Ports Extension Switch MA-5332 T1/E1 VoIP Trunking Gateway
TB-0032 32 Ports Fail Over Switch TF-9242 4 trunk lines, 4 fax ports