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About the ADAM-4051
Why worry about switching to a new system when the ADAM-4051 delivers a 16-channel input modulation in a single device? Available with an input voltage range of 10V to 50V, the ADAM-4051 is one of the most efficient and economical I/O modules developed by Advantech which is ideal for use in industrial automation. The ADAM-4051 is an ideal pick for connecting multiple Input/Devices to your system. This module also works as an isolator with voltage isolation of 2500V DC.

  • Comes with an input voltage range of up to10V to 50V DC
  • Delivers digital input for hassle free dry/wet contact
  • Offers voltage protectionof up to 70V DC
  • Provides optical isolation of 2500V DC
  • Embedded with a total of 16 digital input channels