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About the ADAM-4561
The ADAM-4561 is a powerful isolated USB to RS-232/422/485 converter developed by Advantech. No need to worry about the hassles of changing your hardware anymore, when you have an economical solution in the form of a converter, the ADAM-4561. It’s a ready-to-go converter, which you can start using right after plugging in, no installation required! This converter also supports Hot Swap Function and is one of the most effective converters out there.

  • Comes with an automatic RS-485 data-flow control.
  • Supports RS-232/422/485 ports.
  • Comes with support for Hot Swap function.
  • Delivers transmission speeds of up to 115.2 Kbs per second.
  • Receives power from the hub, no external power supply required.
  • Ready-to-go plug-play installation.
  • Fully compatible with USB V1.1 port.
  • Requires no additional IRQ or I/O ports
  • Provides isolation protection at 3000V DC.