About the ADAM-6066
In industrial automation, there is a great demand for input-output control and coordination. While switching to new and more compatible system seems like the only option available, the smart new ADAM-6066 does the same work with efficiency at a great economical advantage. With a flexible user defined module address, the ADAM-6066 lets you optimize your industrial automation systems to work faster and with more compatibility.

  • Offers a flexible user-defined Modbus address
  • Incorporates intelligent control ability withPeer-to-Peer and GCL functions
  • Active I/O message by data stream or event trigger function
  • Offers a smart 6-channelDI, 6-channel RL platform
  • Multiple protocol support: Modbus TCP, TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, DHCP
  • Provides with the option of remote monitoring and control onmobile devices
  • Web language support: XML, HTML 5, JavaScript
  • Comes with a group configuration capability for multiple module setups