About the Device

AMobile’s very first mobile inspection assistant G60 comes with a powerful Push-to-Talk (PTT) function. It offers smart and secure managing and comes with a rugged build that offers thermal resistance. It is an industrial-grade mobile device with strong wireless communication, data capturing feature, connectivity and secure management for industrial applications. The device, through increased work efficiency and accuracy, offers resistance in fire cause determination, maritime, detection & rescuing, metallurgy, building quality inspection, anti-terrorism, medical, etc. G60 has a breakthrough design and is effective in meeting market demands for industrial all-in-one mobile devices. Thermal Imaging Inspection for distances up to 10 meters, PTT and World-Mode 4G LTE communication are some of the essential features offered by G60.

​Push-to-Talk Intercom

The built-in Direct Mode Operation (DMO) module in the device supports Push-to-Talk (PTT) function for point-to-point and group intercom. If, somehow, the signal in the private or public network drops, the PTT function can be used alone for communicating with other G60 devices in the area.

Data Collection

The Embedded NFC helps the crew with verification and enhances security towards device control. The optional UHF covers a range of up to five meters and collects data from equipment to improve asset control, management and dispatching. In addition, sensors such as Gyroscope, Light sensors, G-sensor, M-sensor, etc. can tie in with the app which is developed for collection of data for real-time monitoring and recording. As an example, the G-sensor and M-sensor in G60 detect whether there is any accident from the crew or devices, and sends a notification to the control center. Crew can also turn on the alarm by themselves to ensure their safety and real-time monitoring.

Thermal Imaging Inspection

Using infrared radiation and imaging lenses, the G60 achieves thermal imaging for displaying objects with ambient temperatures. In addition, for enhancing inspection and maintaining accuracy and reliability, G60 prevents inspectors from getting too close to super-heated and dangerous areas, thereby improving safety.


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