About the IDS-3215 Panel Mount Display
The IDS-3215 is a 15-inch XGA monitor developed by Advantech. It is designed specifically to support industrial automation. The power-saving mode ensures long battery life, and makes the IDS-3215 an environmental friendly monitor. With a plethora of mounting options, the IDS-3215 is one of the most compatible industry-oriented monitors in the market, and is also economical and robust. The monitor additionally offers a wide operating temperature range that ensures fidelity in industries everywhere.

  • Guarantees ease in mounting with rear mounting and VESA mounting options
  • A 15-inch XGA LCD panel with LED back-light for 20% power saving and environmental protection
  • Offers a dual touch interface in RS-232 and USB
  • Operates with ease with a temperature range of -20° to 60° C
  • Delivers a VGA & DVI dual signal interface
  • Comes with a standard integrated frame for compatibility
  • Provides an optional anti-reflective treatment
  • Offers an optional ultra-high brightness solution at 1200 cd/m 2, which is specifically suited for outdoor applications
  • Comes with a 5-wire resistive touch screen protected with a tempered smudge resistant glass