About the PD450 Intelligent Hand-held Device

The PD450 is a new smart hand-held device which is backed by MediaTek. The device offers 4G LTE World-Mode with a 4.5″ TFT LCD screen. The ergonomic design adds to a whole new sense of comfort with the device. Compatible modules, accessories, cost-effectiveness with no compromise on high performance for industrial use, the PD450 is suitable for sectors such as logistics, warehousing, fleet management, and related departments. The device runs on Android OS 5.1, and offers rugged and robust design.

Ergonomic Design

PD450 is a light-weighted device, with just 285 grams in weight and comes with a 4.5” TFT LCD that significantly enhances its user’s efficiency and offers an ergonomic advantage to the device.

Resilient Build

PD450’s rugged design has been rated by IP67 and is tested to withstand multiple drops from heights of up to 1.2m on concrete floor. It offers high resistance to both dust and water, and is capable of handling repeated shocks and vibrations. The device runs on virtually any climatic condition where it is needed, and offers a temperature range of -10°C- 50°C.

Modular and Compatible

In addition to the 1D/2D bar-code modules, the device also offers a multitude of sensors, UHF pistol grip, terminal hand strap and much more. It promises compatibility with ready-to-go modules and accessories for industrial applications.

Powered by MediaTek

With a 64-bit Quad-Core processor that runs on a World-Mode LTE platform, the PD450 blazes on high-speed 4G LTE networks with no interruptions. This ensures no barriers when it comes to dealing with new languages.


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