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About the UC232A
The UC232A USB-to-RS232 is a serial port converter which is deal for your laptop and desktop computers that are not equipped with an in-built COM or DB9 serial port. The converter provides an all-in-one connectivity solution for a wide range of sectors including industrial automation systems, scientific instrumentation, point of sale systems, and other specialized industrial and consumer applications. It is suitable for digital cameras, cellular phones, PDAs, modems and ISDN terminal adapter. Compatibility with both Windows and Mac systems and yielded baud rates up to 230 Kb per second for rapid performance are two of the many attributes that set UC232A apart from its competitors .

  • Runs compatibly on all major platforms, includingWindows, Mac, Linux.
  • Offers Data transfer rateof upto 230 Kbs per second.
  • Supports RS232 Serial interface.
  • Fullycomplied with the USB specifications.
  • Capable of supporting cellular phones, PDAs, digital cameras, modems or ISDN terminal adapter.