H1-240 to 243, & H1-252 to 255,EPIP, RIICO Industrial Area, Sitapura,Jaipur-302022, Rajasthan - India

VoIP (I-Phone Gateway) Boards


  • Support for H.323, SIP
  • An Any-to-Any Channel Bank, with easy setup routing table
  • Support for FXO, FXS, T1/E1 CAS, ISDN PRI/BRI, SS7-ISUP
  • Trunk Bypass

VoIP Gateway for Business Communication :

  • Toll Bypass-PBX users can dial/receive calls from remote branch’s PSTN trunks.
  • IP Tie Trunk- Extension dialing, Caller ID, Call transfer
  • PBX Network- Intelligent routing capability, support for easy network provisioning

Any-to-Any Channel Bank:

  • Provides Any-to-Any switching between various telephone interfaces, including T1/E1 CAS, ISDN PRI/BRIs, SS7-ISUP, FXS, FXO and VoIP channels.
  • Configurable routing plan for incoming calls.
  • Online channel status monitoring.
  • Number translation for both caller ID and called numbers.

VoIP Trunking Gateway for Carrier:

  • VoIP delivery between VoIP and PSTN
  • Class 4 carrier traffic wholesale
  • SS7 gateway collaboration
  • Most complicated routing table can be configured with the easiest GUI