2020-09-05 12:15:24

About the PS8-300ATX-ZBE
The PS8-300ATX-ZBE is an efficient AC to DC power supply device which is designed specifically for industrial computers. The safety features, along with resistance towards shocks and vibrations, set this power supply apart from other devices. The robust build quality ensures uninterrupted power supply in the harshest conditions where the industries operate. With ease in installation and durability, the PS8-300ATX-ZBE is an install once and forget devices that keep your systems always up and running.

  • Supports a full range of AC input for conversion, from 100V to 240V
  • Makes almost no ripple & very low noise
  • Offers full support for the security of OVP, SCP and OCP circuits
  • Comes with common safety features, including CB, CE, CUL, FCC, BSMI, KC and CCC
  • Available in 80 Plus Bronze